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code _rhythm of life. L ART
Dominika & Daria Blazek

code _rhythm of life. L ART

L A R T a team of two sisters multidisciplinary artist, who have been working together on several projects since 2010, mainly ART. INSTALLATION _organic _LAND ART _ ephemeral_ FORM, SOUND FIELD , DESIGN, portable architecture, for URBAN spaces and LAND ART.

L A R T we create architectural and interior design projects with a broad geography, develop collectible design pieces at LART's collection.

Multidisciplinary studio of product design objects LART’S and residential projects.

We believe in the authentic and honest design, clean and emotional interiors.

L A R T studio that operates in many scales - from object and interiors to architecture. _ART MOVEMENTS

Our design process is based on strong concepts o r g a n i c p l a n e t , rigorous analysis and contextual storytelling


is always context -based -be it human, historiCAl,
or social. And it is
\a work of an individual.
Moreover design
belongs to only one category, at times being a part of science
and at other
times a part of